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Are you tired of your dog using the bathroom in your home?


Has your dog been chewing on everything you own?


Does your dog bark excessively at people or other dogs?


Is your dog dragging you on a leash during walks or leash reactive to other dogs?



Freedom Leash is a veteran owned and operated business and offers you professional in-person and on site pet training. Our goal is to support you in having a well-balanced, good natured pet that is calm at all times. Our programs are custom made with results that last.

Whether it’s for basic manners or more complex behavioral issues, our trainers are focused on not only training your pet, but teaching owners how to effectively communicate with them, without using fear, submission or intimidation. Browse our site to learn more about what options we offer and how we can help.

Our training methodology is a completely balanced approach built on positive reinforcement, the findings of Shaun “The Wolfman” Ellis, David Mech, current military training techniques, service dog training concepts and the theory of Natural Dogmanship; the art of learning how dogs naturally behave among each other.

Natural Dogmanship also means knowing how to communicate with dogs in THEIR own language, and work with their natural instincts instead of making them work with ours. 

It takes a special individual to fully understand and apply this concept into their daily life. One has to set aside all of their conscious and subconscious human mannerisms and put the needs of the animal first. Many individuals work on trying to get their dog to understand them on a human level, but the problem with this is that people are far more complicated than animals. The number one biggest mistake dog owners can make with their dogs is to treat them like humans.

What means one thing to a individual, may mean the total opposite to the dog. That’s why it is difficult and sometimes impossible to make the dog understand us. Therefore, as a pet owner it is vital you learn your dogs language.

During your training program you will receive constant education & training on everything to do with your dog with our overall goal being to make you just as much of a pro as our staff. 

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