Be a good leader to your dog!

Just like in the wild there is a hierarchy in the pack. Dogs look to each other for guidance, leadership and direction. You have the alpha, betas, and then the omegas. This order gives dogs the confidence that they are in their place. Just like your dog looks to you for their place and necessities like food, water, protection and direction. But to be a good leader you have to learn how to effectively communicate with your dog. Screaming and shouting at your dog is not an effective way to communicate. You have to be able to speak your dogs language. Most ways that you communicate with your dog are non-verbal. If you try to talk to your dog like they are a human being then you will not be able to let your dog know what you want them to do. And the end result will be lack of respect from your dog and the possibility of unwanted behaviors. So be a good leader and learn to communicate with your best friend and you will have a lifetime of respect and happiness.

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