Much of communication with dogs in nonverbal.

Dogs are stellar at being able to read body language with humans as that is how they communicate with each other in the wild. They use eye contact, gestures, posture, tail carriage and motion, ear position and body language to convey dominance, fear, submission, and many other things. There are five common groups of canine communication signals. The first one is fearful communication. Sometimes dog show this by cowering down, shaking or trembling, or tucking their tail. Second is arousal communication. It can be triggered by another dog, person or toy when the dog becomes stimulated. Third is anxious communication. Signs of an anxious dog can be pacing, panting, and extreme lack of focus. There are many scenarios that can trigger anxiety in a dog like new environment or other dogs. Fourth is aggressive communication. Aggression can be triggered by a perceived threat like another dog or inanimate object. Lastly is relaxed communication. This is the place we all like to see our dogs. Their mouths are relaxed, soft eyes, and their body is very loose. Being able to identify what state your dog is in can really help in addressing any issues that will help your dog to be able live a very happy and health life. Learn how to speak your dogs language and you will be loyal best friends for life.

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