Treat your dog like your best friend

You are the parental figure in your relationship with your dog. Your dog is like a child that you raise who never completely grows up. You take care of his needs and keep him safe. You teach him good manners and how to be polite. You make sure he has good food to eat and enough exercise and toys to play with - and the games he plays with you will be the highlight of his day.

He is not your "equal", but he is certainly not your subordinate. It isn't necessary to "dominate" your human child - or your dog. You don't need to eat before your child to show him you're the parent. You don't need to go out doors first, other than to look first to make sure it is safe. You teach him to "say please" because it's good manners, not to prove you're the boss. Such things aren't necessary in your relationship with your child or your dog. Your dog isn't trying to take over your life. He just wants to know he's safe and loved and how to fit in. He's your best friend. Treat him like one.

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