training plans


Every dog is different so every dogs training program will never be the same. All dogs are at different learning points in their lives and each breed is unique. also every dog learns at their own pace. Some learn faster than others and some need more repetition. Here is list of some of the training plans we offer so you and you dog will be on your journey of getting your freedom back. 
I have designed these training programs for people who have the time to commit and want to be part of every aspect of the training.  Its is imperative for the success of the dog that training be practiced on a consistent basis daily and all training instruction and protocols be followed to get the best desired results.


basic obedience: your dog will learn these 15 commands. me
9.take it & drop it
11. leave it, bed, or crate

advanced obedience:
now that we have taken care of the basics for your dog its time to get things barking. In our advanced obedience course we will travel to many destinations. Your dog will get exposure to home depot, walmart, safeway, and many other locations. the point of doing this is to get your dog exposed to as many stimuli as possible. the main focus is to get your dog compliant in any circumstance no matter what distractions are present. This course is also used primarily for preparing for our service dog training program.

service dog/esa course:
price will depend on service dog needs.
we are able to work with any service/esa dog no matter the size or breed. This program is a minimum of 6 months and is customized to the owner and the dogs needs. It includes our basic and advanced obedience courses along with any other training needs for service dog/emotional support work.